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Hard to Remember Beta 0.5 RELEASED! *HUGE UPDATE*

2015-11-01 16:21:51 by aletss

I am proud to announce that, two years after the last update for Hard to Remember. I have released the newest beta 0.5 of the game!

I consider this new beta a huge update because of all the changes and new content I added. So, here's the changelog:

Beta V 0.5 HUGE UPDATE (Two years later, finally!):
- Graphics overhaul!
- Another stage finished (15 levels in total as of this version), that includes: 4 levels and a boss battle PLUS two new animated scenes.
- Game Over screen (yes, your life as a god is over in this version)
- Save System (a 100% better in all aspects saving system compared to Get Out!... or at least that is what I think)
- New game mode (Boss Replay).
- Currency system added (therefore, a shop was added too).
- Movement rework, you now move with "WASD".
- New gravity system. You can now short jump, or long jump depending on how long you press the jump key.
- Added "status" screen which allows you to check on your progress.
- Unreachable collectibles? (You'll be able to get them soon).
- New Diamonithe Productions logo (by Deshiel)
- Elements in loader moved.
- Changed boss behavior.
- Changed camera behavior in certain moments.
- Fixed most bugs encountered in beta V 0.2:
    Character no longer bounces up and down.
    Hit-boxes improved.
    First boss unable to be hurt fixed.
    Second Boss rare "insta-kill" fixed.
    Others small bug fixes.

Stay tuned for future Beta V 0.6!

(Only beta testers can view the current beta, if you wish to become one, please PM me and I will gladly make you one)



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