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Finally I've finished the Save System for HTR!

2013-03-03 04:52:26 by aletss

After more than 3 hours working on the saving system for Hard to Remember, I finished it :D
What took me so long you might wonder?
Well, I wanted it to look 100% better than the one in Get Out! so I added some bits and pieces that just make it awesome!

You want to see how it works? well you have to wait untill the next beta release which Im planning for this month (maybe in a week it'll be ready but I don't know). But here, this is how it looks right now :) (There is no data in any of the files)


Finally I've finished the Save System for HTR!


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2013-05-20 11:57:49

Just beta-tested your game
Not bad at all :), but the 5th (and 1st boss) level is bugged. You cannot kill him, as no explanation is given, so I randomly jumped around :D, and neither can you. Losing all hearts does nothing. Sad that I can't try the others. Please respond and fix it fast, thanks.

Sincerely, your friend

aletss responds:

I have not yet planned to give explanations on how to defeat the bosses (as it has been done in many games) but in this case, you are a beta tester so I will tell you. To defeat the first (and second) boss you just need to jump on top of him (for the first boss, jump a total of three times on his head, for the second, jump a total of four to five times on his head) the best strategy for the first boss is to wait for him to be on the right top platform, jump on the left one, wait for him to jump down to the center and then you jump on him, just in time when you jump on him move to the left side of the level as he will fall down from the top in a matter of seconds (even less) so stay out of the center when you hit him.
As for the heart situation, the Game Over screen is not yet implemented so as of this version (beta 0.1) you are a fricking god.


The next version (beta 0.5) will have the Game Over screen, the save system, another boss, another mode and more (won't mention it even though this is already a spoiler).

*****Not A Spoiler Anymore*****

As for the date of release, I am not entirely sure, I had planned to release it this week but my PC "exploded" and it cannot be used; I have to repair the fan in order to use it again but I am lacking money to do so, so the game is frozen as of now :S.
I would really apreciate if you could wait a little longer for an update. Thanks.


2013-08-31 09:54:40

OK, reached lvl 10; boss nr.1 is working now :D. But nr.2 is kinda weird... Also, you can't die yet lol.
Just killed the boss while AFKing, because jumping on him didn't really seem to have any effect. Other than thet, game is great, just like the 1st one! I'd like to see an Achievement system implemented, gives the game another challenge. The level system could be smoother in my opinion. Every time you complete a level, you have to click Campaign, and next level. Making this automatically will be an improvement. Good luck with the game, I hope it will be finished soon!

aletss responds:

What do you mean with: "But nr.2 is kinda weird..."?
"Also, you can't die yet lol" Yeah, you are still a god :P
"Just killed the boss while AFKing, because jumping on him didn't really seem to have any effect." wait, what? xD
The achievement system will be added until I have all the power ups, menus and basic systems ready which would make the achievements the least of my worries now.
About the level changing, I am planning on making it smoother but it might take a while because of some variables issues, I actually started with the idea of auto level changing, but didn't go well as the camera that was focusing on the character would mess up, then someone told me to make a menu to choose either going to menu or next level (pretty much what you told me) but it messed some variables up, so I gave up working on it by now.
Thanks for all the support you are giving, it really means a lot to me, as you seem to be the only one showing interest in the project even though I haven't been updating the game (due to the pc issue). So I will add something special in the game to reference you ;)
Again, thanks a lot for your support.