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Finally, I am able to continue working on HTR!!!

2013-02-28 18:45:57 by aletss

Well, let's first start by saying what was the problem. Some weeks ago, while I was at school and turned on my computer to work a little on the game the key "P" stopped working, well not all of it, my computer was registering as if I was pressing the sh*t out of it xD. I couldn't find a way to fix it so I decided to disable the key for good, I downloaded a software that allowed me to do that and well, I did it. After doing that I could not use the key P (duh?) so I had to figure another way to do it... copy + paste, it seemed to be a good alternative but it was annoying as hell so I started using the on-screen keyboard which became even more annoying so I went back to use the CP technique. Almost two months after the problem, my touchpad started working smooth as it was supposed to do (the thing is that when I had the problem the touchpad seemed to be lagging so I had to press alt to use it) so I thought "hey, maybe the key fixed itself" so I closed all the sh*t I had open, re-enabled the P key and restarted the computer (I needed to restart it so that the key enable/disable works), when it turned back on guess what... THE KEY WORKED!!! I was very excited and told everybody (I even posted on facebook and twitter and all you can imagine).
After all that I thought "As the key stopped working with me doing absolutely nothing, it started working with me doing absolutely nothing" so then I said "Seems fair to me!".
Well, that is the story of how the game got delayed for almost two months but I'll start working on it right away.

Thanks for taking the time to read this... if you did of course.


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