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Hard To Remember Beta Test Release Date!

2012-12-29 00:15:28 by aletss

Hard To Remember Beta Test will be available on December 30 2012 but it may be released on the night of the day before that because I am working all day on the game so that I recompense the time I lost that could have been used to work on it days ago.
The game WILL have a bunch of bugs and unstable gameplay but that is why I am releasing it now so that you guys can tell me what should I improve, fix or even add to it. Send me a PM with whatever I should do with it and I will work on it as fast as I can.
But... who will be able to try the Beta? well, all the Medal Masters and some other guys from the comments will get the request to be a Beta Tester so be sure to check your inbox (I don't really know if it is sent there) for the request and try the Beta of Hard To Remember before anyone else.

Also, remember that the game has story and the Beta Test will only have part of it Spoilers so if you don't want to know anything about it Don't Play The Beta.


Hard To Remember Beta Test Release Date!


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