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"Hard To Remember" Progress and future Beta Test

2012-12-28 01:40:56 by aletss

Hard To Remember is advancing at a slow speed, I am busy making my videos for my channel and some other personal stuff but don't worry, I am working on it and I won't throw the game off the board just because of some time problems.
Moving on to its actual progress, I have made a full stage (4 levels and a boss) with its animation and story. The animations are not the best due that I am not an animator and let's say that Diamonithe Productions is only made by Deshiel (Music/Sound designer and Ideas provider) and Me (Programmer, Story Writter, etc...) so we don't have a bunch of guys working on the project and animating it and it is also the main reason of its poor progress, knowing this, try not to be so hard on me and Deshiel for the game's poorly made animations, actually the reason of why am I adding them in the first place is to add some movement to the story of the game and separate it as far as possible from the even worse quality in "Get Out!" so this is all dedicated to you guys that wanted some purpose for the game.
And finally here you have what you may or may not been waiting for:
When will the Beta Test be available?
Well, due to the poor progress of the game I won't be releasing a Beta Test sorry :(
Nha, I am just kidding, gotcha didn't I? The beta test will be available after I finish the second stage and fix some stability problems with the controls wich was one of the worse things about "Get Out!" and even though I am technically using the same code of movement (which was made by flash4games) I tweaked a lot of it so that it can be way better than the one I used in "Get Out!" but it may have some bugs here and there so when I release the Beta Test, please be sure to send me a PM with the bugs you found.

This is all for now, stay tunned for the Beta Test which doesn't have a solid date of release as of now :D


"Hard To Remember" Progress and future Beta Test


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2012-12-28 05:27:55

It's good to know that you are still working on it :P
I can't wait to see how it turns out.
Good luck!

aletss responds:

Thanks a lot ;)