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"Hard To Remember" a "Get Out!" prequel in progress!

2012-09-06 19:11:23 by aletss

I am currently working on "Hard To Remember" a "Get Out!" prequel which explains how Gloob got to "Get Out!" with my fellow partner Deshiel who is making most of the soundtrack in the game.

If you think that you can help out or even want to join Diamonithe Productions just comment down below or send me a message (if you have skype give me your username to communicate easily)

-See ya!


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2012-11-11 13:46:57

Someone below got jelly or butthurt? :D


2012-12-16 14:03:59

Can you finally add me to the Medal Masters section in 'Get Out!'? It's been months and you still didn't :(

aletss responds:

I am very sorry for the inconvenience, I am doing it right now, the thing is that I have been very busy with Hard To Remember