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I am proud to announce that, two years after the last update for Hard to Remember. I have released the newest beta 0.5 of the game!

I consider this new beta a huge update because of all the changes and new content I added. So, here's the changelog:

Beta V 0.5 HUGE UPDATE (Two years later, finally!):
- Graphics overhaul!
- Another stage finished (15 levels in total as of this version), that includes: 4 levels and a boss battle PLUS two new animated scenes.
- Game Over screen (yes, your life as a god is over in this version)
- Save System (a 100% better in all aspects saving system compared to Get Out!... or at least that is what I think)
- New game mode (Boss Replay).
- Currency system added (therefore, a shop was added too).
- Movement rework, you now move with "WASD".
- New gravity system. You can now short jump, or long jump depending on how long you press the jump key.
- Added "status" screen which allows you to check on your progress.
- Unreachable collectibles? (You'll be able to get them soon).
- New Diamonithe Productions logo (by Deshiel)
- Elements in loader moved.
- Changed boss behavior.
- Changed camera behavior in certain moments.
- Fixed most bugs encountered in beta V 0.2:
    Character no longer bounces up and down.
    Hit-boxes improved.
    First boss unable to be hurt fixed.
    Second Boss rare "insta-kill" fixed.
    Others small bug fixes.

Stay tuned for future Beta V 0.6!

(Only beta testers can view the current beta, if you wish to become one, please PM me and I will gladly make you one)


After more than 3 hours working on the saving system for Hard to Remember, I finished it :D
What took me so long you might wonder?
Well, I wanted it to look 100% better than the one in Get Out! so I added some bits and pieces that just make it awesome!

You want to see how it works? well you have to wait untill the next beta release which Im planning for this month (maybe in a week it'll be ready but I don't know). But here, this is how it looks right now :) (There is no data in any of the files)


Finally I've finished the Save System for HTR!

Finally, I am able to continue working on HTR!!!

2013-02-28 18:45:57 by aletss

Well, let's first start by saying what was the problem. Some weeks ago, while I was at school and turned on my computer to work a little on the game the key "P" stopped working, well not all of it, my computer was registering as if I was pressing the sh*t out of it xD. I couldn't find a way to fix it so I decided to disable the key for good, I downloaded a software that allowed me to do that and well, I did it. After doing that I could not use the key P (duh?) so I had to figure another way to do it... copy + paste, it seemed to be a good alternative but it was annoying as hell so I started using the on-screen keyboard which became even more annoying so I went back to use the CP technique. Almost two months after the problem, my touchpad started working smooth as it was supposed to do (the thing is that when I had the problem the touchpad seemed to be lagging so I had to press alt to use it) so I thought "hey, maybe the key fixed itself" so I closed all the sh*t I had open, re-enabled the P key and restarted the computer (I needed to restart it so that the key enable/disable works), when it turned back on guess what... THE KEY WORKED!!! I was very excited and told everybody (I even posted on facebook and twitter and all you can imagine).
After all that I thought "As the key stopped working with me doing absolutely nothing, it started working with me doing absolutely nothing" so then I said "Seems fair to me!".
Well, that is the story of how the game got delayed for almost two months but I'll start working on it right away.

Thanks for taking the time to read this... if you did of course.

Hard To Remember Beta Test Release Date!

2012-12-29 00:15:28 by aletss

Hard To Remember Beta Test will be available on December 30 2012 but it may be released on the night of the day before that because I am working all day on the game so that I recompense the time I lost that could have been used to work on it days ago.
The game WILL have a bunch of bugs and unstable gameplay but that is why I am releasing it now so that you guys can tell me what should I improve, fix or even add to it. Send me a PM with whatever I should do with it and I will work on it as fast as I can.
But... who will be able to try the Beta? well, all the Medal Masters and some other guys from the comments will get the request to be a Beta Tester so be sure to check your inbox (I don't really know if it is sent there) for the request and try the Beta of Hard To Remember before anyone else.

Also, remember that the game has story and the Beta Test will only have part of it Spoilers so if you don't want to know anything about it Don't Play The Beta.


Hard To Remember Beta Test Release Date!

Hard To Remember is advancing at a slow speed, I am busy making my videos for my channel and some other personal stuff but don't worry, I am working on it and I won't throw the game off the board just because of some time problems.
Moving on to its actual progress, I have made a full stage (4 levels and a boss) with its animation and story. The animations are not the best due that I am not an animator and let's say that Diamonithe Productions is only made by Deshiel (Music/Sound designer and Ideas provider) and Me (Programmer, Story Writter, etc...) so we don't have a bunch of guys working on the project and animating it and it is also the main reason of its poor progress, knowing this, try not to be so hard on me and Deshiel for the game's poorly made animations, actually the reason of why am I adding them in the first place is to add some movement to the story of the game and separate it as far as possible from the even worse quality in "Get Out!" so this is all dedicated to you guys that wanted some purpose for the game.
And finally here you have what you may or may not been waiting for:
When will the Beta Test be available?
Well, due to the poor progress of the game I won't be releasing a Beta Test sorry :(
Nha, I am just kidding, gotcha didn't I? The beta test will be available after I finish the second stage and fix some stability problems with the controls wich was one of the worse things about "Get Out!" and even though I am technically using the same code of movement (which was made by flash4games) I tweaked a lot of it so that it can be way better than the one I used in "Get Out!" but it may have some bugs here and there so when I release the Beta Test, please be sure to send me a PM with the bugs you found.

This is all for now, stay tunned for the Beta Test which doesn't have a solid date of release as of now :D


"Hard To Remember" Progress and future Beta Test

"Hard To Remember" a "Get Out!" prequel in progress!

2012-09-06 19:11:23 by aletss

I am currently working on "Hard To Remember" a "Get Out!" prequel which explains how Gloob got to "Get Out!" with my fellow partner Deshiel who is making most of the soundtrack in the game.

If you think that you can help out or even want to join Diamonithe Productions just comment down below or send me a message (if you have skype give me your username to communicate easily)

-See ya!